"So helpful, as a beginner to find easy, deep and mindful meditation techniques to follow at work or the office."

Meditation Techniques

Meditation techniques are many. For a look at a number of forms, types, methods, and ways to meditate, I encourage you to visit MeditationHow.info where you will find testimonials and interviews with both teachers and practitioners.

Each technique or form of meditation is different, but the goals are still the same, whether it is for relaxation, healing, or enlightenment. There is an abundance of information, as well as tips and techniques shared in these interviews.

Meditation is about getting in touch with what works in nature. To relax, we let go and allow nature to take its course. For healing, we are doing pretty much the same only it is a matter of recovering those natural patterns. For enlightenment, we only get more deeply in touch with those patterns and realize they are universal.

This site, as it develops, will focus specifically on those approaches and methods of meditating that can give us all three of the above. Please subscribe if you have yet to, and stay tuned as future posts will delve more deeply into various techniques used in meditation.

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