Meditation Techniques

You have arrived at a website on the subject of meditation. More specifically, this site offers meditation techniques to both beginners AND to those who believe themselves wise to ways. It’s quite possible that if you are one who is searching, then there is something else for you to find, and this site might be able to help you.

The real question is, “Can this site do anything for you?” Assuming that you know what it is you are looking for, I will now do my best to give you some idea of what to expect. You can expect simplicity and directness. The benefits of meditation are real and yet those benefits will not be experienced by those who cannot yet give to meditation the necessary time and energy. This would not be meditation failing. This would be impatience winning out over meditation, the consequence being a postponement of peace of mind.

A Peaceful Version of Ourselves

Meditation techniques are many, and yet their goal is essentially the same— to move us toward a more relaxed and peaceful version of ourselves. Where this site may differ from others is that our approach here is not one that promotes distractions. For example, listening to meditative music can relax you, but only temporarily. The same goes for a soft suggestive voice asking you to imagine this or that. Those meditation techniques are fine and have their place but here on this site we are more interested in getting to the heart of things, and for this it is important to point oneself directly to that end, which is to point self toward self.

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A Body At Rest

The assumption here is that there is already plenty of mental traffic and imaginary things going on our psyches. Spending time being still, as painful as we might imagine encountering ourselves to be, is what is believed to achieve more significant and lasting results. It is ourselves and our chronic thinking patterns, supported by unconscious (or conscious) emotional attachments that need to be dealt with. The beauty of meditation is that all of this comes into focus when you begin patiently sitting still. Let's face it. Sitting still is absolutely boring. If you can bring yourself to not be triggered by the voices telling you what else you might or should be doing, you can move past the boredom into the beginning of the solution.

A body at rest will stay at rest unless an external force acts upon it.

Isaac Newton

Universal Principles Only

I feel it is also important to point out that this form of meditation and the meditation techniques offered here carry with them no particular belief system or presuppose any particular version of the divine. Having said that, there are definite universal principles that will doubtlessly rear their heads in the course of conversation, but even these you can take or leave as you please and should not be an impediment.

If you have a sense that the approach this site takes has something to offer you, then please begin to peruse the articles here by clicking “Articles” in the menu above. My name, incidentally, is Benjamin and I am the author of the material on this site. You can read more about me by clicking “About” in the menu above.

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Meditation Techniques


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